Canada Baldwin

Canada Baldwin
Canada Baldwin is not a Baldwin but belongs in the Fameuse group. It yields moderately heavy crops, and under favorable conditions tends to become an annual bearer. It is not recommended for planting, except in those regions where a hardy variety of the Fameuse type is desired to extend the Fameuse season.
Flesh quality
firm, moderately coarse, crisp, moderately tender, juicy, mild subacid, sometimes slightly astringent, with a Fameuse-like aroma, pleasant, good or possibly very good in quality
Flesh color
white, red tinged
Skin quality
thick, tough, smooth
Skin color
yellow, red blushed, purple-carmine blushed, red mottled, green, purple-carmine striped
below medium
round, unequal sides, ribbed, oblate, uniform, symmetrical, conical
Keeping quality
The season ends in January but often some portion of the fruit may keep until April
General quality
It is a better keeper than Fameuse, but less attractive.
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in