Canada Reinette

Canada Reinette
The origin is unknown, but was listed in France as the Canada Reinette as early as 1771. Bears irregularly and only moderately productive or unproductive. It is esteemed in Europe, grown under numerous names. Sometimes also known as Yellow Newtown Pippin erroneously.
Flesh quality
firm, moderately tender, coarse, breaking, not crisp, juicy, subacid
Flesh color
yellow tinged
Skin quality
, russeted
Skin color
yellow, mottled, blushed
very large, above medium
round, irregular, oblate, conical
General quality
very good
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in
Also known as
Canada Pippin
Canadian Reinette
Canadisk Reinet
De Bretagne
Die Haarlemer Reinette
Die Weiberreinette
German Green
Grosse Reinette d'Angleterre
Kanada Reinette
Mela Januera
Pariser Rambour Reinette
Pariser Rambour Teinet
Pariser Rambourrenett
Pomme de Caen
Reinette de Canada
Renette Grosse de Angleterre
Reinette Monstreuse de Canada
Reinette du Canada
Reinette von Canada
Reinette Grosse du Canada
Reinette du Canada Blanche
Reinette du Canada a'Cortes
Reinette Canada
Reinette de Caen
Reinette de Canada a Cotes
St. Helena Russet
Wahr Reinette
Wesse Antillische Winterreinette
White Pippin
Yellow Newtown Pippin