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Collamer appears to be identical with Twenty Ounce. As compared with Twenty Oimce. it is less mottled and striped but more completely covered with red, which often extends in an unbroken blush over a considerable portion of the fruit. In the Twenty Ounce this is seldom or never seen, but the red is mottled or appears in heavy stripes and splashes. So far as we have been able to determine. Collamer is more regular in shape and, if ribbed at all, is less distinctlv ribbed than Twentv Ounce. The tree differs from Twenty Ounce in that the bark of the young twigs is more distinctly tinged with red. The fruit being more attractive than Twenty Ounce, Collamer is worthy of consideration for commercial planting where an apple of the Twenty Ounce type is desired.
Flesh quality
Firm, coarse, rather tender, rather crisp or breaking, moderately juicy, sprightly subacid with a peculiar but not high flavor, fair or sometimes nearly good in quality.
Flesh color
white, yellow tinged
Skin quality
Rather thick, tough, and smooth.
Skin color
yellow, red striped, red blushed, red mottled, green
very large, large
ribbed, regular, conical, globular, elliptical, oblate
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Eating season ends in
Also known as
Collamer Twenty Ounce