In the Champlain district and in portions of the St. Lawrence valley it is one of the most important varieties found in commercial orchards. Generally speaking, it grows to a higher degree of perfection in those districts than it does in other apple-growing regions of New York. In the more southern sections of the state it appears to succeed best in the high elevations and on light well drained soil with clay subsoil. A variety has sometimes been propagated and disseminated under the name Fameuse which is recognized as Striped Fameuse, but this fruit is less desirable than Fameuse
Flesh quality
very tender, juicy, subacid becoming very mild subacid or sweetish, aromatic
Flesh color
red striped, red blushed, white
Skin quality
thin, tender, smooth
Skin color
purple-black, red
medium, above medium
round, oblate, uniform, symmetrical, regular, conical
Keeping quality
The fruit is often badly injured by the apple-scab fungus, but this may readily be controlled by proper preventive treatment. It keeps well in cold storage.
General quality
Fameuse is one of the most desirable dessert apples of its season. It is very beautiful in appearance and the flesh is white, tender and excellent in flavor and quality for dessert. It is decidedly inferior to other varieties of its season for culinary purposes.
market, dessert
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in
Also known as
Chimney Apple
De Neige
du Marechal
La Belle Fameuse
La Fameuse
Neige-Framboise de Gielen
Pomme de Neige
Pomme de Ni├Ęge
Pomme Fameuse
Pomme de Fameuse