Hunt Russet

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It is quite attractive for a russet apple, excellent in quality and a good keeper. Tree moderately vigorous and productive, but no longer considered profitable and was not being planted in commercial orchards. Incorrectly identified as Bullock.
Flesh quality
rather fine, tender, juicy, subacid, sprightly becoming mild, not sweet as some have stated, very good to best
Flesh color
white, yellow tinged
Skin quality
thick, rather tender, russet
Skin color
yellow, red
medium, below medium
uniform, elliptical, oblate, conical
Keeping quality
good keeper
General quality
excellent in quality
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in
Also known as
American Golden Russet of New England
Fay's Russet
Golden Russet
Golden Russet of Mass.
Golden Russet of New England
Mass. Golden Russet
New England Russet
New England Golden Russet
Russet Pearmain
Russet Pearmain