Jonathan Buler

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Not a very good apple for planting in New York. The trees start bearing fruit when they are young and have fruit annually. Sometimes it has heavy crops and at times the crops are moderate, though there is a lot of fruit lost by dropping. In common storage this apple is prone to scald after January.
Flesh quality
Fair to almost good. It is firm, tender, crisp, moderately coarse, very juicy, mild subacid, has a peculiar aroma that is not pleasing.
Flesh color
white, red tinged
Skin quality
Smooth, waxen, glossy
Skin color
red, yellow, red striped, red blushed, green, mottled, white, carmine blushed
large, medium
symmetrical, ribbed, oblate
General quality
Not very good but as a commercial variety it is esteemed for cooking and other culinary purposes.
dessert, culinary
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in
Also known as
Jonathan of Buler