Lady Sweet

Lady Sweet
For commercial planting it is one of the best sweet apples. The apple has gained a reputation for itself and is very popular. It is a good variety for home orchards because it bears young, has heavy crops, and the fruit has many uses. It can be grown very far north (up to Lake Ontario) although that changes the season for it from late autumn to late spring. At some locations it is not a hardy apple and is prone to injury and bark bruising, it is also susceptible to scab fungus and requires treatment to keep it from getting diseased. In cold storage it can last till May-June.
Flesh quality
Very good to best quality. Firm, moderately fine, crisp, tender, juicy, sweet with a specific and pleasant aroma.
Flesh color
white, yellow tinged
Skin quality
Thin, tough, smooth
Skin color
red, yellow, red blushed, green, mottled, white striped, carmine blushed
large, medium
round, irregular, ribbed, oblong, uniform, symmetrical, elliptical, conical
Keeping quality
Ships, stores, and sells very well.
General quality
Excellent quality and it keeps very late.
dessert, culinary
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in
Also known as
Ladies Sweet
Ladies Sweeting
Lady's Sweet
Lady's Sweeting
Roa Yon