Mala Carle

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It is well adapted to certain regions of the South. This is an old variety of Italian origin. Lindley says of it: “ The Malcarle is a native of the territory of Finale, in Liguria. It is an important article of trade in the whole Genoese territory, and of exportation to Nice, Marseilles, Barcelona and Cadiz. The climate of the Italian terri- tory is so entirely different from that of England, that we cannot expect the delicate Malcarle should succeed here [New York], unless trained against a south or south- east wall, and in a warm and kind soil. Its great beauty in the dessert renders it an interesting object of cultivation.”
Flesh quality
Tender and aromatic.
Skin color
Also known as
Charles Apple
Male Carle
Mela Carla
Mela dé Carlo
Mela di Carlo
Pomme de Charles
Pomme Finale