Prince Albert

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Further testing is required to determine whether it is a desirable variety for this region.It was introduced by H. Lane & Son, Berkhampstead, England, and exhibited by them at a meeting of the British Pomological Society, October 26, 1857. The original tree was still in existence in a Berkhampstead garden in 1903.
Flesh quality
firm, moderately fine, crisp, tender, very juicy, briskly subacid or sour
Flesh color
yellow tinged, green tinged
Skin quality
smooth, moderately thick, tough
Skin color
yellow, carmine striped, green, red
very large, large
obtuse, round, irregular, conical
General quality
The general appearance is rather attractive for a green apple.
Also known as
Lane Albert
Lane’s Prince Albert
Lane Prince Albert
Prince Albert (Lane)