Red Canada

Red Canada
Flesh quality
firm, crisp, rather fine-grained, tender, juicy, aromatic, rich, agreeably subacid but becoming rather too mild toward the close of the season, good to best
Flesh color
white, yellow tinged, green tinged
Skin quality
tough, nearly smooth especially toward the cavity, slightly rough about the basin,
Skin color
yellow, green, red
large, medium, above medium
round, unequal sides, ribbed, uniform, symmetrical, regular, elliptical, conical
Keeping quality
It stands heat well before going into storage and goes down gradually. Its season is somewhat variable. The commercial limit in ordinary storage is January or February, and in cold storage, April. Its season for home use usually extends from November to March or later. Although the fruit may remain apparently sound it is apt to lose much of its high flavor after midwinter.
General quality
desirable size, attractive form and color and superior quality. The quality of the fruit varies much in different seasons and in different localities. When grown on heavy clay soils its quality in some seasons is decidedly inferior to that of Baldwin and would be rated only fair to good but when grown on certain fertile soils of a gravelly; or sandy nature in favorable seasons it develops color, flavor and quality fully equal to that of Esopus Spitzenburg.
market, dessert
Also known as
Bristol of some
Canada Red
Canada Redstreak
Old Nonsuch
Red Winter
Richfield Nonsuch
Steele's Red Winter
Steel's Red
Winter Nonsuch