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This evidently belongs in the same group as the Bethel and Blue Pearmain. It does not appear to be of sufficient value for New York state to be worthy of testing except perhaps in those regions where Bethel and Blue Pearmain are most valued.
Flesh quality
firm, a little coarse, not very crisp, rather tender, moderately juicy, somewhat aromatic, mild subacid becoming nearly sweet, fair to good in quality.
Flesh color
yellow tinged
Skin quality
rather thick, tough, smooth about the cavity but somewhat roughened toward the basin with russet dots and fine capillary russet lines
Skin color
purple-carmine mottled, yellow, green, purple-carmine striped, orange-red
above medium
round, ribbed, oblate, oblong, uniform, symmetrical, regular, globular
Keeping quality
good keeper
General quality
The fruit is pretty uniformly of good size and desirable form. The tree is a good strong grower, does not come into bearing very young but is an annual cropper, yielding moderately heavy to good crops.
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in