Sweet Greening

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Origin unknown but from the statement of Thacher it is probable that it originated in the old Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. It is grown in some localities in Central and Western New York but has not been reported to us from any other portion of this state. It is now seldom or never planted.
Flesh quality
firm, breaking or loose-grained, tender, moderately juicy or when over-ripe rather dry, very sweet, good to very good.
Flesh color
white, yellow tinged
Skin quality
thick, tough, smooth, bright
Skin color
bronze, red mottled, brown-red blushed, green
large, medium, above medium
round, unequal sides, oblate, uniform, regular, elliptical, conical
Keeping quality
good keeper
General quality
Where this variety is known it is quite highly esteemed for home use because it is a good keeper and very good in quality for dessert and for baking or other culinary uses.
dessert, culinary, local market
Eating season starts in
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Also known as
Curtis Greening
Illinois Greening
New Greening
New Rhode Island Greening
Sweet Greening
Sweet Rhode Island Greening