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Although it is an old variety it is but very little grown in New York state which is pretty good evidence that it does not possess superior value for New York fruit growers. Coxe states that it came from the town of Tewksbury in Hunterdon county, N. J. Known as Fink incorrectly.
Flesh quality
firm, moderately fine, crisp, rather tender, rather juicy, aromatic, sprightly, brisk subacid, good.
Flesh color
yellow tinged
Skin quality
Skin color
pink-red blushed, green, yellow
small, medium, below medium
uniform, round, symmetrical, conical
Keeping quality
Valued chiefly because it is a long keeper and holds its quality well late in the season.
Also known as
Fink's Seedling
Tewkesbury Winter Blush
Tewkesbury Blush
Tewksberry Winter Blush
Tewksbery Winter Blush
Tewksbury Blush
Tewksbury Winter Blush