Tobias Pippin

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As compared with standard sorts of its season it does not appear to be worthy of general planting.
Flesh quality
Moderately firm, a little coarse, moderately crisp, rather tender, juicy, mild subacid becoming sweet, aromatic, and good or some- times very good.
Flesh color
yellow tinged
Skin quality
Rather tender, nearly smooth, and rather glossy.
Skin color
white streaked, yellow mottled, white blushed, yellow
large, medium, above medium, below medium, small, very small
round, ribbed, oblate, uniform, ovate, conical
Keeping quality
It comes in season in October and some portion of the crop may be kept till March, but in ordinary storage November is its commercial limit.
General quality
Fair to good.
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in