White Pippin

White Pippin
The origin of this fruit is unknown, but its history can be traced to the nursery of Silas Wharton. Sometimes thought to be the Canada Reinette. Beach notes that in central and western New York it generally succeeds better than the Yellow Newtown or the Green Newtown. Some New York fruit growers considered it a profitable commercial variety, but it is not recommended for general planting in New York.
Flesh quality
firm, moderately fine-grained to a little coarse, tender, crisp, juicy, sprightly subacid
Flesh color
yellow tinged
Skin color
yellow, brown-pink mottled, brown-red mottled, brown-pink blushed, brown-pink striped, brown-red striped, brown-red blushed, green
large, medium
round, irregular, oblate, uniform, symmetrical, angular, conical
General quality
good or sometimes very good
market, kitchen
Eating season starts in
Eating season ends in
Also known as
Canada Pippin