Cultivars Map

As a visualization of the sheer quantity of apple cultivars which originated around the globe, this map illustrates a surprising distribution of over 800 cultivars.

Cultivars from around the world

This pie chart shows the place of origin for the myriad cultivars (including extinct varieties) that have been grown in New York State. Apples were originally introduced to the New York State by the Europeans. Since then trees have been grafted using scions from around the world. Apples grown in New York State are mostly descendants of apples from Europe. Even though they are descendants these apples can be refereed to as apples of the United States.

Ripening season in each country

Apples mostly ripen for harvest during winter. Apples from Russia seem to be an exception; they ripen during summer. 

Cultivars from each state

Ripening season for cultivars in each state

Cultivars and seasons

Increase the number of nodes using the arrow button at the top of the node window to inrease the number of cultivars and seasons being shown in the window.