Elmore Fraleigh

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Curtis Fraleigh


Fannie Keyes Elmore Fraleigh


Barbara Saxon Rutherford Fraleigh


William Elmore Fraleigh
David Darwent Fraleigh
Rosalie May Fraleigh Skelly
  • (11/13/71) To Clara from Betty Staley

    Incidentally, Elmore is a relative of mine too, I think. I remember him well.

  • (5/5/1977) To Mrs.Clara Losee From John Fraleigh

    If I followed your 1973 description of the family correctly, it appears that Elmore and I are both descendants of Peter (1720-92): I am a descendant of Peter’s first son Stephen while he is descendant of Peter’s fourth child, Peter. Furthermore, Elmore is descended the same number of generations as my father. I have always thought that I must be related in some way to anyone in the Red Hook area named Fraleigh.

  • (Tues. 2/11) To Diana and Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    I am enclosing a sheet with the Peter Frolich and Elizabeth Feller line as it apples to John and Elmore’s family. There are several George William Fraleighs so it helps to get dates straightened out. As you can see, our George W. is the only son of Peter P. Fraleigh and his second wife Helena Coon.

  • (Tues. 2/11) To Diana and Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    It might also be of some help to know what happened to all of Peter and Elizabeth’s children settled. I am sure you know that Peter & Elizabeth left Rhinebeck and purchased the farm at Red Hook and moved there with their 7 children. If you are interested I do have all the information about where Stephan settled in Rhinebeck, what happened to his property, his children, etc. Anyway, Peter stayed on his farm until his death, his son Philip remained on the Homestead farm, purchasing additional land, and this farm remained in the Fraleigh family until it was sold in 1936 to Emma Llewellyn. Peter P. Fraleigh purchased 123 acres of land near his father’s farm; this is still in the Fraleigh family and occupied by Elmore and his 2 sons, Bill and David. The John Fraleigh land is now owned by heirs of his daughter, Catharine Maria, who married Col. Peter I. Feller. (this is the Feller farm adjoining Elmore). A large part of the George Fraleigh purchase, plus land deeded to Peter H. Fraleigh by his father, is now owned by Irving Fraleigh, Jr. Another Fraleigh daughter, Hannah, married John I. Stickle... this property adjoins the Feller farm to the east.

  • (11/8/1971) To Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    About a year ago I did some research for Elmore Fraleigh on his property as he was interested in applying for a Century Farm designation. I had lots of fun tracing all the Fraleigh property in the area and have most of it mapped back to the time it was purchased in the late 1700s.

  • (Thurs. morning 11/15) To Lil From Mrs.Clara Losee

    "Then I did go over to see Elmore and we discussed a family reunion this summer. I think he was in favor of it but is terribly busy with the farm… With David off at college and Bill working in Poughkeepsie, he is rather shorthanded on the farm. Barbara is good about keeping him as “slowed down as possible, but along with his regular orchard and farm work, he is also the senior judge in Red Hook, is active in the Masonic Lodge and the Church. But we still thought we could have some sort of reunion at the Farm—I would do all the work of getting it organized but we would have it there. "