George William Fraleigh

George W Fraleigh older.jpg Fraleigh-GW Waldorf R.jpg
Born Died
Peter P. Fraleigh
Lana Coon Fraleigh
Peter W. Fraleigh
John Alfred Fraleigh
Monroe Fraleigh
Rosaline M. Fraleigh
Philip E. Fraleigh
  • (Tues. 2/11) To Diana and Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    I am enclosing a sheet with the Peter Frolich and Elizabeth Feller line as it apples to John and Elmoreā€™s family. There are several George William Fraleighs so it helps to get dates straightened out. As you can see, our George W. is the only son of Peter P. Fraleigh and his second wife Helena Coon.