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  • (6/23/1993) To Mrs. Losee from Winifred Fraleigh Woods

    My mother’s line starts with Johann Peter and Margaret Flegelaar’s son Stephen (born 1742) who married Maria Van Benschoten in October 1764 in Reformed Church at Rhinebeck and are buried in the graveyard by the church. They parented Peter born in Nov. 1770 who married Catherine Loescher in 1792… They in turn were my great, great grandparents on my mother’s side.

  • (5/5/1977) To Mrs.Clara Losee From John Fraleigh

    I was both delighted and fascinated by the information I received from you. You see, the only information I knew about Fraleigh family genealogy was that sent in my previous letter from the bible. For example, I had no idea that the 1720-1792 Peter had thirteen children! The bible just listed the first child, Stephen. I conjecture that this Stephen was the one who purchased or otherwise first obtained the bible (the publication date of the bible would make this likely also) and then wrote in it the dates for his parents, for himself, and for his children, but did not bother with all his brothers and sisters. When I am next at my parents’ home, I will have to look at the bible and see if the writing and ink bears this out.

  • (5/5/1977) To Mrs.Clara Losee From John Fraleigh

    If I followed your 1973 description of the family correctly, it appears that Elmore and I are both descendants of Peter (1720-92): I am a descendant of Peter’s first son Stephen while he is descendant of Peter’s fourth child, Peter. Furthermore, Elmore is descended the same number of generations as my father. I have always thought that I must be related in some way to anyone in the Red Hook area named Fraleigh.

  • (11/8/1971) To Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    Lena showed me some sheets on the Fraleigh family which I believe were done by your father. Most of the information is correct except that about Peter (2) Fraleigh’s parents—they were Stephanus and his first wife Ann Elizabeth. I have no date as to when she died but they were listed as members of the Stone Church which was built in 1730.