Philip Fraleigh




George W. Fraleigh


Helen M. Near Fraleigh


L. Augusta Tipple Fraleigh


Lena Fraleigh
D Harry Fraleigh
  • (Tues. 2/11) To Diana and Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    I have a copy of Philip Fraleigh’s will in which he left the Homestead Farm to his grandson, Philip Fraleigh, son of deceased son George W. Fraleigh. I also copied the records in the old Bible of P. Phillip Fraleigh which Barbara had apparently gotten form Lena Fraleigh and another which is owned by Web Coon family.. a copy is enclosed.

  • (Wed. 12/12) To Pete Fraleigh's Cousins From Pete Fraleigh

    That one branch of the Fraleigh family was in Plainfield and Jersey City, New Jersey (Philip Fraleigh Jr.) in 1874.

  • (Fri. 1/24/1986) To Mrs. Clara Losee From D.

    I wonder why George W. died so young (26 yrs) and what became of his mother after she married Albert Bowman. Dave has never heard of his great-grandmother Helen Bowman, although she appears to have lived until 1925. I suppose she might have moved away with her second husband and perhaps her little son, Philip, was raised by his Fraleigh grandparents in Red Hook.