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Philip Fraleigh
Eliza Marie Fraleigh Lambert
Catharine Emelina Fraleigh Shook
Peter Henrich Fraleigh
  • (Tues. 2/11) To Diana and Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    It might also be of some help to know what happened to all of Peter and Elizabeth’s children settled. I am sure you know that Peter & Elizabeth left Rhinebeck and purchased the farm at Red Hook and moved there with their 7 children. If you are interested I do have all the information about where Stephan settled in Rhinebeck, what happened to his property, his children, etc. Anyway, Peter stayed on his farm until his death, his son Philip remained on the Homestead farm, purchasing additional land, and this farm remained in the Fraleigh family until it was sold in 1936 to Emma Llewellyn. Peter P. Fraleigh purchased 123 acres of land near his father’s farm; this is still in the Fraleigh family and occupied by Elmore and his 2 sons, Bill and David. The John Fraleigh land is now owned by heirs of his daughter, Catharine Maria, who married Col. Peter I. Feller. (this is the Feller farm adjoining Elmore). A large part of the George Fraleigh purchase, plus land deeded to Peter H. Fraleigh by his father, is now owned by Irving Fraleigh, Jr. Another Fraleigh daughter, Hannah, married John I. Stickle... this property adjoins the Feller farm to the east.

  • (Tues. 2/11) To Diana and Dave From Mrs.Clara Losee

    I have a copy of Philip Fraleigh’s will in which he left the Homestead Farm to his grandson, Philip Fraleigh, son of deceased son George W. Fraleigh. I also copied the records in the old Bible of P. Phillip Fraleigh which Barbara had apparently gotten form Lena Fraleigh and another which is owned by Web Coon family.. a copy is enclosed.