Indian Artifacts

New Year's Eve 11:30 p.m.: "I have done a great amount of work in my collections this year. I have worked over everything—in all many thousands of specimens. First, during March, I overhauled all the minerals and rocks, several hundred pieces, many of them beautiful and of much value—wrapped each one of them carefully with its number, name and locality and made a catalog. That occupied my spare time for several weeks. Next went for my Indian relics, nearly 400. I numbered and localized everything. That took until summer. For want of a suitable place or cabinet to keep them in, I packed every bundle in large dry goods boxes, hoping some day to properly arrange them. They all have rare value. Now much exhausted by the careful labeling and cataloguing the collection of Local Indian Antiquities is probably the largest and most complete in this part of the State.”

-Losee, Jon. "William Seward Teator (1860-1930)," William Teator Genealogy Folder, Historic Red Hook Archives, Elmendorph Inn, Red Hook, NY.